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Valium : Clear your all doubt at one place

Is Diazepam (Valium) Safe for Long Term Use?

Usually, Diazepam is only recommended by doctors for a short time of up to four weeks. If a person is prescribed the doses for more than four weeks, the dose might be reduced in a gradual manner to avoid withdrawal symptoms. Its usual to consume diazepam for no longer than two to four weeks. When the medicine is taken as told by a physician, it is more helpful than harmful. However, when it is abused over a long term, an individual can develop many side effects.

Is Diazepam (Valium) Addictive?

Addiction and chemical dependency are the serious side effects of diazepam on the brain. Once central nervous system has adapted to the medication to regulate electrical activity, a person may require higher doses to experience the same positive effects, which is called tolerance, and it can finally lead to dependency. Generally, tolerance occurs within 6 months after an individual has started taking diazepam. In some cases, dependency and tolerance evolve into addiction

How Much Valium Should I Take to Get High?

The instant effects of abuse of Valium are similar to overall effects of alcohol consumption – a person who is high on Valium may look to be drunk. Dizziness, confusion, weakness and drowsiness are also negative effects of Valium abuse. Generally, the medicine is used to deal with anxiety, the ‘high’ produced by the medication will slightly resemble the ‘high’ generated by heroin, but less intense. An individual will feel clam, relaxed and perhaps even euphoric. Trying to get high off of Valium also results in seizures, irregular heartbeat and respiratory depression.

How Does Valium Work?

Valium comes under the segment of medicines called benzodiazepines. It has a similar chemical structure and is often prescribed to heal similar conditions. The drug increases the activities of gamma-aminobutyric acid, a chemical that can transmit signals all over the nervous system. If an individual does not have enough gamma-aminobutyric acid, their body might be in an excited form and cause to experience seizures, muscle spasms or anxiety. When you consume diazepam, you will have more gamma-aminobutyric acid in your body, which will help reduce seizures, muscle spasms and anxiety.

What are the Uses of Diazepam?

It is a prescription drug used to alleviate symptoms of anxiety, alcohol withdrawal and muscle spasm. The medication is also used as a sedative prior to surgery and might be used alone or with other medicines. Diazepam comes under the category of drugs called anticonvulsants, skeletal muscle relaxants, antianxiety agents. Nevertheless, it is not known if this medicine is effective and safe in kids younger than six months of age.

How Strong is Valium?

If you are initially starting the dose for treating anxiety, 2mg might be enough to prevent a panic attack or calm you slightly. Moreover, elderly people will take 2mg because the medication remains in their body longer and in higher quantities. On the other hand, a normal adult will need about 5mg dose to feel the effects and to eliminate anxiety. Also, a normal dosage for treating insomnia is 10mg and a usual dose for dealing with alcohol withdrawal is 10mg, which must be consumed 2 to 3 times in a day, before slowly tapering.

How Long Does Valium Last?

The medication has half-life of about 48 hours. As the medicine is processed by human body, it is broken into other substances called metabolites. The metabolites are detectable in body for longer than the medication itself.

Valium vs Xanax

Both the drugs are used to treat anxiety. When taken orally, both are quick to provide an effect, usually within half to 1 hour, though Valium might work more rapidly. The effects of diazepam last for 4 to 6 hours, while the effects of Xanax last around 5 hours.

Valium for Pain

A large number of people across the world, especially in America, are taking Valium not just for depression or anxiety but also for treating chronic pain. The drug is also used for relieving muscle spasms and as sedation before surgical procedures. The dose of Valium works by calming the nerves and brain. As it works quickly, it has less severe symptoms of withdrawal. For proper treatment of pain, it should only be taken under the guidance of a doctor.

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