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Insomnia: Causes, Symptoms, Types, and More

Insomnia is the lack of ability to stay asleep or fall asleep during the night, resulting in non-restorative or unrefreshing sleep. It is a common disorder among the people across the world, which takes a heavy toll on the mood, energy and overall ability to work during the day. If this disorder is neglected over […]

Alcohol And Ambien | What Happens When You Mix Them?

Ambien is the brand version of the medicine Zolpidem, which is generally recommended by physicians to deal with insomnia, and other sleeping disorders. It is an effective sedative-hypnotic aid that does not force a person to fall asleep, but in fact, helps put the individual’s brain in a somewhat sleep and waking state ( Alcohol […]

7 Fast Facts You Need to Know About Ambien or Generic Ambien 

Quick overview Ambien or Zolpidem (generic version for Ambien) is a central nervous system depressant. Ambien is the most prescribed and commonly used medication for insomnia. Patients should use this medicine exactly as directed by their doctor or pharmacist. People who abuse Ambien or generic Ambien may snort the tablets or inject the drug. People can experience some unpleasant […]

Sleeping Pills: Ambien Abuse and Addiction

Although patients with sleep disorders successfully treat short-term insomnia with sleeping pills like Ambien, many individuals become dependent on them. In today’s article, we’ll talk a little about sleeping pills and their abuse & addiction. If you’re using sleeping pills or wishing to use them, read this article, sincerely.  Are Xanax and Ambien the same […]